Ideas for Christmas presents at zero cost

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To the intelligent and brave men out there in the World, with love.

This poem is a summary of all the teachings I received from wise old ladies and old gentlemen, grandparents and grannies, I have met.

Intelligent man, stupid man

The stupid man fights and kills,

The intelligent man collaborates.

The stupid man looks for his glory,

The Intelligent man wants to do the Good.

The stupid man compares himself to others,

The intelligent man knows we are all the same.

The intelligent man is clean, inside and outside.

The stupid man lives like an animal

And with animals wishes to live.

The stupid man deals with poop,

The intelligent man knows poop is toxic.

The intelligent man recycles, reuses and repairs.

The stupid man destroys and soils The Earth.

The stupid man wants power,

The intelligent man wants to laugh, to smile,

And to embrace.

The stupid man lives for himself,

The intelligent man lives with and for all.

The stupid man hates Mother Nature,

The intelligent man is her first fan.

The stupid man feels strong when defeating women.

The intelligent man saves the world from the stupid men.

The stupid man is a coward,

For he does not know what to be brave is.

The stupid man is afraid of loving and of living with women.

The intelligent man is brave enough to do them both.

The stupid man cheats on his wife or his girlfriend,

With men or another women.

The intelligent man honours and respects

His girlfriend or his wife.

The stupid man is a pretender and a liar,

The intelligent man lives by The Truth.

The intelligent man wants to know

And learn about The Truth.

The stupid man thinks he knows it all

And believes his own lies.

The intelligent man does not obey

Any master, but his Own Reasoning.

The stupid man obeys any master

That saves him from thinking.

The stupid man looks for the gold.

The intelligent man looks for Wisdom and Peace.

The stupid man rapes and forces.

The intelligent man loves.

The stupid man fornicates with animals,

Dead people, children and babies.

The intelligent man respects them

And protects them against the stupid men.

The stupid man divides

Men from women

And women from children.

The intelligent man unites them.

The stupid man thinks others are stupid, but himself.

The intelligent man does not judge people

By their intelligence, but by their Heart.

The stupid man destroys Nature.

The intelligent man teaches the stupid men

The Right Way to live.

The stupid man wants to turn everybody

Into an animal, like himself.

The intelligent man wants to see

Polite, clean, and civilised men and women.

The stupid man hates women, just like the gays do.

The intelligent man is a real friend of women

Wants the best for them and does not compete with them.

The stupid man wants women and animals to be slaves.

The intelligent man despises slaveries of any kind.

The stupid man wants to wipe out women from this planet.

The intelligent man wants women to be alive

And wants to live with them.

The stupid man abuses, kills and sacrifices babies.

The intelligent man respects and cares for them.

The stupid man thinks he came to this World

To demonstrate how “strong” and how “clever” he is

And “to control and to smash women, children, and animals” under his foot.

The intelligent man knows

He has not come to this World

To demonstrate how “strong” and how “clever” he is,

Or to “to control and to smash women, children, and animals” under his foot.

The stupid man promotes the gay system

By which men abuse women

And so women abuse children.

The intelligent man combats that system

And prevents the wheel

From spinning on.

The stupid man hates his Mother,

Who is no other than Mother Nature.

The intelligent man

Always honours and cares for her

Like the Real Gentlemen do.

Amelia Modrak

In memoriam to my nephew Michael, who died of AIDS in 2010


Before you start reading this, please, bear this data in mind: I have no religion. I do not follow any religion, any political party, any charity, or any social movement. I only follow my own Reasoning and the first and last of my moral principles: Love Life, Love Nature, Love this Beautiful Planet.

What I am going to say here – not just my opinion, but a truth as big as a skyscraper that nobody can change or hide with manipulative words or lies – is hard, but nothing new. It is so obvious that it is right in front of us, yet many people do not see it. And they do not see it, as, unfortunately, they have been made blind by the fashion-thinking imposed by those who control everything.

However, I really hope that you can put your fashion likes aside, your recent and past life memories (many of you were abused or uncared for as children and adolescents, I know, and for that I am very sorry and I pray and hope your wounds will heal soon), your knowledge (all that you learned, all that the media taught you, and all that the current World wants you to believe in) for a moment, and read the following lines solely with the aid of your Reasoning, your Common Sense – which I am very sure you have – and Your Willingness To Do the Very Best for Yourself (yes, you deserve the very best and truly the best, dear reader) which, in turn, will produce the best for others and for our beautiful planet.

If you are a man/young male and your Mum was cold, nasty, or abusive to you during your childhood and adolescence, you must know this (something obvious but that many forget): that does not mean that the rest of women are just the same. Having a bad Mum was just bad luck. You are not the only one: women also have bad Mums, remember. Alternatively, if you are a woman/girl and if your father or other male members of your family were bad or abusive in any way to you in the past, that does not mean that other men will behave the same with you. It never does, and you know it as well. There are good women and bad women in this Planet. There are bad men and good men on Earth. If unsure, just read the book “The Body Never Lies. The Lingering Effects of Hurtful Parenting” by Dr. Alice Miller, and you will all understand what I am saying. In that book, Dr. Miller establishes an eye-opening connection between negligent and harmful parenting and offspring’s self-destructiveness and destructive behaviour, something we should all be aware of.

Having had this brief preface, let’s, then, not lose time, and go to that hard part I was talking about. This is the statement, this is the truth, and this is the sad news, however much we try to disguise it, paint it with “rainbow colours” or dress it like a Drag Queen for a Brazilian carnival: speaking in silver (and let’s analyse it from a purely biological, mechanical, and behavioural point of view), male homosexuality, literally, consists in “Sticking your sexual organ into the Poop”, or, speaking in a roughly way, “fucking with the shit”. Nothing less, but nothing more. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that (remember that I’m not here to judge you, and that my own and beloved nephew, who died of AIDS in 2010, was homosexual) if there were not any consequences. But there are consequences to inserting your penis into the shit.

And the consequences are that all the bacteria, viruses, funguses, parasites, dirt, and toxins that live in your sexual partner’s rectum (the highway of the poop in its march towards the outside) will be transferred to your skin and – due to the vessel dilation that takes place during your penis’ erection – to your blood, causing you a myriad of health problems.

If you use a condom during the performance of anal sex, then good for you, but if you plan to marry your sexual partner and, thus, stop using condoms, then bad for you: for you will be introducing POOP into your blood, as I stated earlier.

But oral sex, just like coprophilia (i.e., intake of poop, a normal practice among the homosexuals), is not safe either, as it brings lots of bacteria, viruses, and parasites into your mouth, your digestive system, and, later on, into your whole body. If you cannot stop doing it – and, again, I am not here to judge you, like the church used to do, dear reader – I advise you to thoroughly disinfect your mouth after subjecting your tongue to this type of sexual practise. However, because saliva keeps falling down to your gut as you suck your sexual partner’s genitals, disinfecting your mouth might not be enough to stop infections from spreading from your gut throughout the rest of your body. This was the reason why Michael Douglas, the Hollywood actor, got cancer: due to the viruses that he got through the constant practise of oral sex, as he confessed. Please check here:

Your life and your privacy, dear reader, is yours, and no-one has the right to go into that. However, you must know that, by practising coprophilia and anal and oral sex (regardless of you are a man or a woman), you get lots of infections that, slowly, bitterly, and ultimately, will kill you and others as well.

If I was a man, I would respect myself, above all, and I would not stick any part of my body into the POOP. To me – I don’t know what it means to you – poop is dirty, disgusting, and full-of-germs (from E. coli to lots of other bacteria, viruses, funguses and parasites). It always has been. Even Nature makes it smelly, with an awful odour, so that animals stay away from it. And why is it that I would not put any part of my body into the poop? Well, it is obvious: because poop not only would fill myself with dirt, putting my health and life at risk, but because it would turn me into a vehicle of dirt transmission, infecting and bringing illnesses and death to others. In fact, hand and body hygiene has to be exhaustive, especially since parasites’ eggs can hide under the nails and, what is worse, are totally resistant to antibiotics.

Would you drink a glass of diarrhoea, dear reader? Or, would you put your hands on – or eat – a log of poop? Would you lick the W.C. surface, the outside or the inside of it? I bet you wouldn’t. You cannot be so stupid, it is not possible. You are an intelligent creature, intelligent enough to understand that POOP is not healthy, but toxic. So, Why, then, would you enter a Tunnel Full of Shit? Wouldn’t it be, both, self-offending and self-destructive? And for those who say: “Hey, I would go to the loo first!” I would reply: “Really? And would you put an enema?” Because you would need, not only one, but several or lots of enemas, to get rid of all the poop in your rectum, before having a “safe” session of anal sex with your partner. There is no safe anal sex. It does not exist and it has never existed.

For this reason, bestiality, another type of paraphilia, is also highly dangerous and lethal. Performing sex with animals puts you in the worst of the scenarios: the number of bacteria, funguses, parasites, and viruses in the animals’ rectums equals to that of humans but multiplied by trillions of trillions of trillions, if not more. So, if what you eat and who you go with (even more, who you fornicate with) is what you become, do we then want to become beasts, too? Do we want to become animals and behave like them? The current state of the World, full of dirt, garbage, chaos, and violence, tells me that there must have been quite a lot of anal and oral sex and paraphilia (bestiality, necrophilia, coprophilia and paedophilia) in the past, and until now, since the early times of Humanity. In connection to paedophilia, we should not forget that children are parasites’ favourite hosts after animals, due to their risky and unhygienic behaviour. Also, incest is highly dangerous, as it “concentrates” the parasitic load, due to the fact that family members share the same parasites. Well known is that the Egyptians, the Aztec and the Romans – civilizations that, despite their high level of intelligence, finally disappeared – institutionalized unnatural sexual practices such as bestiality, coprophilia, paedophilia, necrophilia and, of course, anal, and oral sex. Thus, I wonder if their sexual relationship with animals – remember that animals were venerated to the point of being considered Gods – was the reason that lead them to committing the beast-like acts that human and baby sacrifices represent.

Animals do not have the hygiene measures that we, humans, have. They do not use soap, or cook their meals, which destroys bacteria and parasites. And they do not brush their teeth, which removes germs of their mouth. Also, animals stick their mouths and noses into the poop, garbage, dirt (I have seen dogs eating the poop, and I once had a dog that used to lick its own and other dogs’ urine) and asses and genitals of other animals. In fact, one of the reasons we, humans, have far more intelligence and life span than other animals, is because we have created Sanitation Systems that eradicate lots of germs that negatively impact on our brain’s functionality and whole body’s health.

Considering this, and considering the abuse we constantly make of other animals, by killing and torturing them (please let’s not deny this) both for food and for pleasure, isn’t it time to let animals live their own life in peace, and in their own habitat, just like we do? Isn’t it time to end slavery of all living, sentient beings, both in farms and homes alike? Isn’t it time to live in cleaner Cities, without animals’ poop, and, thus, enjoy healthier lives? Here speaking is someone who lived with lots of different animals for many years: from cats, dogs, and turtles, to birds, hamsters, and rabbits. But my health, later on, paid for it. For we cannot live with animals without being exposed to the dirt they all get into: even if you intend, often, to shower your cat or give your dog a bath, you will not be able to solve the problem if you do not, regularly, treat your animals with antiparasitic drugs and antibiotics. And, be aware: most of antiparasitic drugs are ineffective, plus the fact that, animals’ behaviour is exactly that: animal, or, to put it in another way, dirty. This means that you would have to be giving, daily, antiparasitic drugs and antibiotics to your dog or cat to prevent you both from infections, considering that animals, due to their natural behaviour, always get into the dirt.

Parasites, viruses, funguses, and bacteria cause cognitive failure and mental diseases not only because they deprive our body of essential nutrients needed for proper brain functioning, but because they, literally, destroy neurons as they get into the brain.

Psychoses have been related to Toxoplasma gondii (a parasite that lives in cats) infections, whereas schizophrenia and depression have been connected to infections with Ascaris lumbricoides, a parasite that lives in dogs (please check:; This leads to the conclusion that, not only performing sex with animals, but also living with animals puts our health in danger of getting serious infections. Thus, I cannot forget that popular statement I used to hear, from some people, as I was an adolescent (and that sounded to me so ridiculous and unbelievable back then) which stated that “Cats can give you AIDS”… because, stopping to think about it, there might actually be a lot of sense into that. So, here is some important infomation for improving your health, dear reader: if you live with animals, be aware that you will surely get parasites from them. Parasites’ eggs are microscopic and can even fly on the air in the dust, causing many diseases and infections such as asthma and eczema, as well as lung, blood, gut, mental and endocrine diseases. Parasites are also carriers of viruses that live inside of them, such as the Herpes family viruses, which live inside the dog’s worm Ascaris lumbricoides (Please check:

In fact, underdeveloped countries are precisely those with poor sanitation systems, which impacts negatively on their inhabitants’ work yield and brain performance, preventing, this way, any social, economic, political, cultural or scientific progress. In addition, it has been proved that, by introducing sanitation systems and hygiene education in these countries, there is in an increase in the intellectual and work capability of its inhabitants.

Parasites are also known to control their hosts’ minds, leading them to self-destructive and criminal behaviours. Well known is the case of a parasite that manipulates a fish’s brain into committing suicide (please see: I also wonder if parasites are driving the self-destructiveness inherent to practising anal sex, oral sex, coprophilia, necrophilia, paedophilia and bestiality in our human society. Maybe they are also the ones who create behavioural problems, such as bad temper, aggressivity and hatred. I, definitely, believe that malignant narcissism and the paranoid eagerness for unlimited power are connected to them.

By Sticking the Genitals (which are the repository of our family’s inheritance, of our genetic material, of ourselves, and of the treasure that Life is and that is passed on towards the future since our ancestors, from our genealogical tree) into the POOP, not only we dishonour and offend our family, our ancestors, and Life in general. We are deeply offending and dishonouring ourselves.

Let’s have common sense. For the lack of it, as we see, is destructive.

Amelia Modrak

Dear all: this is a message I wanted to send out. Please know that capital letters do not mean I am shouting. I just wanted to put emphasis on them. NEEDING REPAIR: Your “biological mother” might not love you, but MOTHER NATURE DOES. That is why you are here: even if your mother considers you an error, or a mistake, or a burden, even if she did not want to give birth to you, MOTHER NATURE DID WANT YOU to be here. That is why you are reading this. Because Mother Nature’s wishes OVERRIDE any human wishes, no matter how destructive they are. Your biological mother might abort you as a human, but YOU WILL COME to life, you will be born, instead, as a flower, as a bird, as a plant or as an animal, because MOTHER NATURE wanted YOU to be here, and because all other living beings are ALSO sentient beings; they also have intelligence and a life of their own which they want to live. YOU ARE NOT A FACE, OR A BODY, OR A MIND, OR A TITLE, OR A JOB, OR A BANK ACCOUNT. You are not your clothes or the brand of your car. You are not your position at work, the shape of your body, your wealth, your degrees or your intelligence coefficient. You are a PEARL OF LOVE made by MOTHER NATURE. Because she is PURE LOVE, and everything that is GOOD COMES FROM HER, ONLY FROM HER. WE ARE ALL HER BABIES. The bad, the devil, the lies, the greed, the disease, the ugliness, the stupidity, the hatred, and the “punishments” do NEVER come from her. How can all those things come from pure love? She does not punish. she does not make us ugly, stupid or ill: the evil, stupid and destructive actions of people do. The evil, the ugliness and the stupidity come only from people. From their envy, from their narcissism, from not following Mother Nature’s rules, from not being GRATEFUL to what they have. When they get away from Mother Nature, when they don’t follow HER PATH – MOTHER NATURE’S PATH – then the devil and the disease come about. Then the ugliness and stupidity flourish. And they flourish for many generations, unfortunately! as many, as they continue practising UNNATURAL Habits, habits contrary to life, contrary to mother nature. So ESCAPE FROM THE BAD PEOPLE, from their dirt, from their SHIT, from their bad habits, unnatural habits, AND GET CLOSE TO MOTHER NATURE: the mother who wants you and ME to be healthy, happy and safe. Mother Nature provides us with the food, the shelter and the cures for all diseases caused by the evil and sick people who tell lies and only want power and money, money money and do not care about the destruction they are carrying out with their “businesses” on this beautiful planet, our planet, our home. A PLANET THAT DOES NOT Belong to anybody, nor its resources. Mother nature wants you to be happy, safe and clean. ALWAYS. She wants you to be healthy. That is why she provided you with an immune system that others want to destroy with their dirt, DRUGS and unnatural chemicals. And she provided you with protection just like a good Mother does: because she’s the BEST ONE, she’s the REAL ONE, and the she’s the ONLY ONE, as WE ALL come from HER. WE ARE ALL her babies. That is why THE BIBLE SAYS we are all BROTHERS and SISTERS! Don’t you agree? Mother Nature made YOU, and your mother, and the mother of your mother, and the mother of the mother of your mother, and the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of the mother of your mother. And so on. Because SHE is the mother of all of us. Let’s then give MOTHER NATURE some love back! Don’t soil HER! Don’t destroy HER! Be grateful to HER! Money, work, cities, fashion, and industry are evil inventions of people WHO hate mother nature BECAUSE they SECRETLY hate their biological mother. AND They are so WOUNDED, SO ANGRY, THAT THEY ONLY WANT TO “DISTRACT THEIR PAIN” WITH MONEY, SEX AND POWER AND TO DESTROY EVERYTHING ELSE. That is why they are nihilists, they live in deep envy OF OTHERS, they are walking dead and they do not care about the soiling of our home. And they do that because they do not know that our mother, our real mother, IS MOTHER NATURE! Money, work, kingdoms, governments, industries and cities are inventions that TAKE OVER THE LANd AND destroy all Pearls of Life, destroy all living beings, and destroy you and me. ALL OF US. WE are facing the biggest mass extinction of history. It’s Time to wake up and STOP THE DEATH of this planet. IT Is time to stand for our real mother, the one who gave us life, which is mother nature! Don’t collaborate with the evil parasites that feed off life. Be the son/daughter of mother nature that you really are! LET’S MAKE HER BE PROUD OF US! :)