Margarita Suárez (Granada, Spain, 1949), daughter of the painter Juan Suárez Cobo, inherited from her father a love for art, expressed throughout her numerous paintings and her interest in flower photography (photos 1-23). Like her father, she introduced herself in the field of art in an autodidact way, painting for the pleasure of it and to express her emotions and her love for nature. Her main artistic references are the Impressionists of the 19th Century, being Renoir her favourite painter. The themes of her pictures are varied, but always gravitate around colours and elements of domestic life, like gardens, plants, pots, furniture, tea cups, tea pots, textiles, birds, and flowers. In them, objects, and nature mix in a joyful salad of colours that celebrates the daily appetite for life, just as it should be: as a Feast of Colours. In her paintings, not only we can observe the spontaneity and the happiness that characterizes living at ease a particular moment, but also the sophistication, proper of the intelligent minds, that springs out from contemplating the World with an abstract simplicity, with the self-assurance of minds that seek to analyse, summarise, and synthesize, erasing the details that are not needed to get a quick glimpse into the vibrant reality that daily surrounds us. This is why she laughs at perfection and techniques and searches for her own ways of expression, impressing the canvas with her love for spontaneity, brevity and colours. She uses oil, tempera, and watercolours for her works, that range from canvases and furniture to ceramics. Since her adolescence, she has travelled extensively all over the World, visiting United Kingdom, United States of America, Denmark, Holland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Argentina, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, Japan, Australia, Russia, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Peru and Honduras, among other places. She has also lived in Guatemala, where she personally met and become friends with the painter Valerie Randall, known for depicting picturesque scenes of indigenous life. She also likes to write and has several children stories written. Moreover, between 1992 to 1994, she organized and directed a marionettes’ theatre group for the amusement of young children’s birthdays in the cake shop founded by her and called “Capricchio”. She has also always been interested in other arts, such as music and acting. During her adolescence, she was selected to sing live on the radio with the song “Comunicando”, and she was also part of a theatre group, performing the role of Medea in the play by Euripides. She is also interested in nature, what made her settle down in a rural area surrounded by trees, birds, and domestic animals. For several years, she was devoted to tree care and self-sufficient living. She has also worked as a teacher, as an air-hostess, and as a beauty model. On the other hand, from the point of view of her family and friends, she is also an excellent cook and an expert in making cakes, biscuits, pastries and preserves. As a young lady, she studied in several schools in Granada (Carmelitas, San José) and, later, she moved to Madrid, Barcelona and London to study English and to work in healthcare and childcare. Afterwards, she also studied decoration, cooking and hospitality, getting her degree in 2003. One of her paintings (photo 1, detailed in photos 2 to 4) was selected for an international online exhibition in 2014.

Amelia Modrak



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